recorded 10/31/18 in rochester, NY


1. Losing A Whole Year (3EB Cover)

2. Narcolepsy (3EB Cover)

3. Graduate (3EB Cover)

4. How's It Going To Be (3EB Cover)

5. Jumper (3EB Cover)

6. Never Let You Go (3EB Cover)

7. Semi Charmed Life (3EB Cover)

8. Monster Mash (Beach Boys Cover)

9. You Got A Friend In Me (Randy Newman Cover)

10. When It's Over (Sugar Ray Cover)

11. Everybody Wants to Rule the World (Tears For Fears Cover)

12. Fake Grunge Jam

13. Big Dipper (Built to Spill Cover)

14. Life Is A Highway (Tom Cochrane Cover)

15. Hunger Strike (Temple Of The Dog Cover)

16. Stay Together For The Kids (Blink-182 Cover)

17. Basket Case (Greenday Cover)

18. Say It Ain't So (Weezer Cover)

19. Fat Lip (Sum 41 Cover)

20. Scar Tissue (RHCP Cover)

21. Under The Bridge (RHCP Cover)

22. Naive Melody [This Must Be The Place] (Talking Heads Cover)

23. You Only Live Once (The Strokes Cover)