Live at The New York Times (7/7/17)

Live in The Hive (10/4/14)

Studio LuLoo, Oaklyn, NJ (11/17/13)

Shea Stadium, Brooklyn, NY (5/24/14)

Live At The Maggot House (7/29/11)

Live at Cox Ballroom (WMRE) (4/14/17)

Bethlehem, PA (9/25/15)

Daytrotter Studio (2014)

Live at Starland Ballroom (8/15/15)

Piss Couch Sessions (2012/2014)

Secret Brooklyn Basement Show (2014)

Live at The Fire [Skin Cells] (2011)

SXSW (3/19/2015)

Frederick, Maryland (07/19/2014)

Live on WMUC (4/28/13)

Small World Books [Halloween Show] (10/31/2018)

Live at The Headroom (2015)

Silent Barn [Birdtapes Halloween Show] (10/24/13)

The Fonda Theatre (10/27/2019)

Live at Amoeba Hollywood (9/12/19) [House of Sugar Release Show]

Golden Tea House (8/21/13)

The Horseshoe Tavern (4/12/16)

Live at The Knitting Factory (12/12/14)

Live on The Kane Konundrum (9/6/13)

The Opera House (11/12/19)

Live at Everybody Hits (5/3/18)

Live at Tennis Bar (6/25/19)